Christmas Cooking Ideas

It’s that time of the year when everyone goes online to find the tastiest recipes to cook for Christmas and host an incredible dinner at their house. So, in this video, because we wanted to help you with your Christmas table, we came up with these awesome recipes and decoration ideas that will leave your guests amazed.

In the first video, we show you how to decorate your Christmas pie with a Christmas tree made off little love hearts. You start off by stuffing your pie with the filling of your choice and then set it aside. Then, take the top flat dough that you’ll place on the pie and cut little hearts in the middle in a tree shape. Then place it on top of your pie to cover it, and, then place the little love hearts that you removed from the dough earlier around the edges.

Another amazing recipe we have is the Christmas tree puff pastry with spinach filling. Firstly, you place your pastry on your chopping board cut it in a long triangle shape as we demonstrate in the video. Then you spread some readymade spinach dip all over the surface if the triangle and then you add a duplicate triangle puff pastry on top. Then you cut straight lines using your pastry cutter from the bottom going up just before the middle. Then you take each stripe that is hanging out from the triangle and twist it on the other side so that it becomes a more realistic Christmas tree. Then you add your egg wash on top, bake it and Voila.

You can make a beautiful Christmas Wreath pastry by following our cooking tutorial. You firstly lay your puff pastry on your kitchen counter and then you place lay cranberry jam all around except in the middle. Then you add some crispy bacon on top and then you add another piece of puff pastry on top of that. You cut a round circle in the middle that you left empty to place your cabernet in. After that you slice the pastry all around like you would slice your pizza and then twist the ends as we demonstrate in the video. Finally, you add some egg wash on top and sprinkle some rosemary on top. Watch our whole video to see some more amazing pastry recipes for Christmas which include cheese, basil, thyme, and many herbs.

In the video, we also show you how to make quick and delicious Christmas treats such as a snowman out of marshmallows and a reindeer stick cookie. You can make awesome cooking using cake mix. You firstly bake the cake as you would normally to and using cookie cutters you cut it in a tree shape, a Christmas star shape, a bell shape, and a snowman shape. Then, you add some white glaze on top and finally colorful sprinkles or sugar paste.

For the Christmas morning, you can make a new specialty pancakes recipe with chocolate filling. Firstly you make your pancake batter as you usually do and then you add a scoop of Nutella or hazelnut spread, then you add another scoop of pancake butter on top and Voila. The most delicious Nutella filled pancakes. You can make it extra special by adding some whipping cream on your plate and some smarties or m&ms.

Watch our whole video to discover tasty sweet treats and salty pastries.
0:07 – How to decorate your Christmas pie
1:04 – Christmas tree spinach pastry
1:57 – Christmas Wreath puff pastry
3:56 – Pasta dough designs
7:28 – Ice tray baking hack
8:15 – Christmas cookies
8:45 – Marshmallow snowman
9:08 – Reindeer treat
9:35 – Melting snowman cookies
10:15 – Smarties cookies
10:32 – Penguin Biscuit
11:09 – Nutella filled pancakes
11:59 – Apple pie swirl
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