9 Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Desserts You Can Make At Home

9 Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Desserts You Can Make At Home

9 delicious diabetes-friendly desserts you can make at home. When it comes to diabetes, most people would probably say you have to give up on sweets, but really that’s not true! You just have to be a bit more careful, and maybe keep it to a minimum. Sugary treats can affect a person’s blood sugar, sure, but they’re not the only thing that causes a person to develop diabetes. Carbohydrates are the culprits when it comes to raising blood sugar levels.

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Dark Chocolate : 01:43
Frozen Grapes and Bananas : 02:15
Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt : 02:55
Grilled Peaches : 03:15
Sugar Free Hot Chocolate : 03:40
Sugar Free Jello : 04:02
Strawberry-Lemonade Popsicles : 04:25
Strawberry Shortcake : 04:55
Make Your Own Ice Cream :05:17


Dark Chocolate
When it comes to the diet world, chocolate seems like it’s a bad word, but really dark chocolate has many health benefits like antioxidants. For those with diabetes you’ll have to be extra diligent when checking the labels however. Many companies like to throw in the dreaded added sugar when it comes to dark chocolate so you’ll want to make sure there’s not any extra hidden in the ingredients. Try to go for 70% and higher to get any of the health benefits.

Frozen Grapes and Bananas
Sometimes it’s best just to keep it simple. Fruit does contain sugar, but it’s natural sugar and you won’t have to worry about any of those troublesome “added” sugars either. Eating frozen bananas or grapes is a great way to cool off in the summertime.

Make Your Own Frozen Yogurt
There are lots of yummy sugar free yogurts out there, and if you take one that’s more of a dessert flavour (like key lime pie) and throw it in the freezer, you’ll have your very own frozen yogurt dessert! Top it all off with some fruit and you have a gourmet treat ready to impress!

Grilled Peaches
Many of the desserts on this list are tailored to the summertime but really you can enjoy them anytime of year. Grilled peaches are another delicious dessert that has none of those pesky added sugars to worry about.

Sugar Free Hot Chocolate
This is great for a once in awhile treat, especially when the weather turns cold.

Sugar Free Jello
Just like gelatin desserts, you can also make any sugar free pudding delicious by adding the same sugar free whipped topping and some fruit like blueberries.

Strawberry-Lemonade Popsicles
This is another one that you can make at home, which means you can control the sugar content.

Strawberry Shortcake
Again you’ll want fresh strawberries for this one, so they taste nice and sweet.

Make Your Own Ice Cream
You can choose your own recipe but blending frozen fruit together with minimal added ingredients can be a great substitute for ice cream, and a much healthier one to boot!

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