Apple Cider Vinegar For Hcg Diet – Juicing Recipes for weight loss NEW 2016

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hcg Diet – Juicing Recipes for weight loss NEW 2016

Breakfast Recipes…!!!

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Breakfast Casseroles,And More.! See Hundreds Of Trusted Breakfast And
Brunch Recipes With Reviews And Tips From Home Cooks…!!!

What is breakfast?

EggsThe word breakfast is really two words, ‘break’ and ‘fast’.
‘Fast’ is when you don’t eat food, and all during the night you have been sleeping and not eating – unless you went on a midnight raid of the fridge!

So, breakfast is when you break your fast by eating.
Your stomach will be very happy about it and your body will be able to use the food to get the energy going, and send you off to school all fuelled up for the day – well at least until morning break!

Why is breakfast important?

What you eat is turned into energy by your body.
If you don’t eat when you first get up, then your store of energy is low, you can’t think or
work as well and your stomach keeps letting you know that it is waiting for food!

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