Chef's Brisket Recipe | Traeger Grills

Chef's Brisket Recipe | Traeger Grills

Get this Smoked Brisket recipe is straight from the Pros, get more grilling and smoking ideas here:

Chef’s Brisket recipe is bulletproof. It’s loaded with helpful tips on how to smoke it to perfection and make it taste ridiculously amazing. So fire it up on Friday night and eat like a King all weekend long. Get the Recipe of the Week here:

This recipe stems from a collaboration of the BBQ knowledge and inspiration Chefs have gathered by working with and around legendary Pit Master’s across the country. He’s comprised brisket tips and tricks from the experts to create this brisket rub recipe that’s completely foolproof, simply follow this quick and easy brisket recipe to get a tender, flavorful, and impressive smoked brisket. Another tip from a Traeger Chef is to wrap your brisket in butcher paper after hours of smoking low and slow, finish cooking brisket on the grill in the paper wrapping. Once it’s finished, always let the meat rest to allow the juices to seal inside the meat and preserve the tenderness. Select your favorite pellet flavor to give grilled brisket your personal touch, choose from any of our 9 delicious flavors:

Turn all your family recipes into culinary masterpieces by cooking them on a Traeger wood pellet grill. Traeger’s wood-fired flavor sinks flavorful smoke into any food and wood-fired flavor tastes better and is healthier than gas or charcoal smoke. Traeger grills use 100% all-natural hardwood fuel. Cooking on an all encompassing cooking vessel gives you 6-in-1 versatility, grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue anything and everything. Convert your patio into your outdoor kitchen and cook on your Traeger grill every day, simply set it, and let the Traeger pellet grill do the hard work. From grilled brats and BBQ short ribs to Traeger-baked oatmeal cookies and smoked chicken, you’ll get perfect results every single time. So holler for your favorite people, feasting on delicious food is more than just a family affair. Taste the Traeger difference:

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Get grilling every day with a versatile smoker grill, come rain or shine creating delicious food on your hardwood grill smoker is simple. Cook with confidence and host the biggest little league BBQ, Sunday brunch, or the neighborhood barbecue.

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