Deena Kakaya Vegetarian recipes – Black bean and Halloumi Curry – click below for full recipe

Deena Kakaya Vegetarian recipes – Black bean and Halloumi Curry – click below for full recipe

– Food Writer Deena Kakaya makes an amazing tongue tantalising Halloumi and Black Bean Curry recipe can be found at

Hi,Deena Kakaya I’m Deena and I am a food writer and I also run cookery classes. My recipes are my own, have influences from the world and have a an Indian strand running through them.

Vegetables/vegetarian items are often regarded as side-dishes. Pasta, pizza, risotto or lasagne…what else constitutes a vegetarian main meal, side dish or how do you entertain veggie kids and adults? Many would struggle with devising a colourful and lively, sense-rousing, and utterly delicious meal. What makes a meal to look forward to and that will really whet the appetite and enchant dinner guests, or ones family; a meal that is the stuff of blissful memories and brings happy faces together, excitedly at the dinner table.

‘More veg less meat’ and ‘meat-free Mondays’ are of increasing popularity as the messages are being infiltrated strongly through media. We know that there is a strong ethical and religious drive as it’s better for animals to be vegetarian, but a regular or irregular vegetarian diet is being adopted for health reasons. Vegetarian food is not just for vegetarians; often a gorgeous and aromatic meat-free meal just happens to be vegetarian. These days, an added impetus is that a meat-free meal is just cheaper.

Is someone who likes vegetarian food more explorative and worldly? Maybe so, but in any case we can always change the accent of a dish with new ways and new flavours. In fact you can completely transform a dish of aubergines using different spices and methods! Cooking foods using influences from the throughout world is akin to travelling…be it bringing out the adventurous side of us, or making us feel more educated…or even if it is just to show-off, it is fun!

Whatever the driving reason, there is more mass appeal for a meat-free meal. My vision is to bring gorgeous veggie meals to life with new recipes that are very much my own in a way that touches people’s lifestyles. The ordinary person may not want a gastronomic adventure worth ages of effort every day.

My vision is to share rousing, sensational world-influenced recipes for you the open-minded busy person who loves to eat. I’d love to know that you actually make these recipes, not simply read about them. Like me, many of my recipes have an uncomplicated Indian strand, but that’s the reality of modern cuisine, isn’t it? And I promise to share all this with you,with a story…its always more fun that way.

Keep telling me how you find the recipes, I love hearing from you

Warm wishes

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