Detox Diet Recipe Options For a Fun and Healthy Diet

Detox Diet Recipe Options For a Fun and Healthy Diet

Detox Diet Recipe Options For a Fun and Healthy Diet

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Because detox diets are all about strict food choices and healthy meals, most people think of them as boring. However, detoxing doesn’t need to be all boring. As long as you have several detox diet recipe options to follow, you can eat healthy and delicious meals during any time of the day.

Fresh Cleansing Drinks

Following a this kind of diet means crushing out all sugar-filled and carbonated drinks. However, you don’t have to just make do with water. Make yourself some cleansing juice drinks by gathering some fruits or berries and blending them. Add some water and some ice and then continue to blend until smooth. These cleansing drinks can make a good breakfast or snack choice, and the fiber from the fruits will help sweep away the residue and plaque in the colon. Aside from blending fruit juices, you can also squeeze out juice from citrus fruits like lemons. Simply add in some water and honey or maple syrup to taste.

Lemon mixtures or smoothies can be used to substitute at least one meal each day to help in the detoxification process.

Vegetable Soups

A good detox diet recipe would be vegetable soup. All you have to do is steam some vegetables of your choice like broccoli, beans or legumes. Steaming them helps retain their nutrients in comparison to blending them. Once the vegetables are cooked, transfer them inside a blender, add a cup of hot or boiling water and then add pepper and some seasoning to taste. Blend the mixture until smooth, and you now have a detox diet soup. Serve immediately while the soup is still warm.

You can also make clear vegetable soup or broth. All you have to do for this diet recipe is to boil several vegetables of your choice in water for several minutes, add some seasoning and serve the soup. The boiling water should absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables, so make sure to drink up a lot of soup.

Fresh Salads

A salad is a great detox diet recipe that you can easily prepare and eat anytime of the day. Prepare garden salad by putting together some greens. Do not use mayonnaise or any other type of dressing but go for vinaigrette or honey and vinegar instead.

Fruits also make a good detox diet recipe. All you need to do is mix a variety of your favorite fresh fruits, chill and serve. Fruit salads can be served for snacks or desserts, and are perfect during hot days.

More Ways To Cook and Serve Food

Aside from these great diet recipe options; there are plenty of other ways to prepare fruits, vegetables and even grains and nuts. Remember that dieting does not need to be boring, and you do not need to eat the same type of food over and over again. Read up and collect your own detox diet recipe guides, so that you not only detoxify yourself but also have fun eating during your detox diet.

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