French Cheesecake Tourteau fromagé Recipe 全ての光を吸収する究極の暗黒チーズケーキ | Emojoie Cuisine

French Cheesecake Tourteau fromagé Recipe 全ての光を吸収する究極の暗黒チーズケーキ | Emojoie Cuisine

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Round cake mold 18cm


– Pâte Brisée-
125g Flour
60g Unsalted butter
Pinch of salt
25g Water

– Cheesecake mixture –
100g Fresh goat cheese
(You can make fresh cheese from cow’s milk,also make it from cream cheese.)
40 g Sugar
2 Egg yolks
20g Corn starch
20g Flour
2 Egg whites
40g Sugar

280℃ 12min. + 180℃ 40min.
250℃ 20min. + 180℃ 35min.

* Preheating is necessary. Even if the recipe was written without “preheat oven …”, you must preheat the oven, and please start baking when the oven reaches a set temperature.

* The result of baking may be changed depending on each oven at home. The temperature and the baking time in this recipe is only a guide. Please check the degree of baking stuff before taking it out from the oven, and then take it out.

-Conversion Guide-
15 cm (6 inch) → 18 cm (7 inch)
Ingredients 1.5 times
Bake time 1.25 times

15 cm (6 inch) → 21 cm (8.2 inch)
Ingredients 2 times
Bake time 1.5 times

15 cm (6 inch) → 12 cm (4.7 inch)
Ingredients 0.66 to 0.7 times
Bake time 0.8~0.9 times


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