How to make Chinese curry sauce (pro.)

How to make Chinese curry sauce (pro.)

Chinese curry is unique because of its taste,aroma and creaminess. This blog show in detail how to make Chinese curry paste/sauce professionally. It helps if you guys take a quick look at my earlier blog on scented oil. It is in similar kind of thinking; extraction of aroma in the oil and bind it into curry powder and flour to create the paste. The thickness of the sauce depend on individual taste. Obviously from business perspective, thing curry is more profitable because you are using less paste; so able to make more in a given amount. I myself prefer thick and creamy curry; I like the taste that wrapped round your tongues when eating thick curry.
Below is my sought after recipe (professional standard) for the famous Chinese curry. The is THE Chinese curry many fans have been requesting me to do:)

Curry paste ingredients;
1.5 ltr vegetable oil
1 kg plain flour
600g curry powder (madras/eastern star)
3 large tablespoon chilli powder
3 large tablespoon turmeric powder
5 bulb garlic
1 large piece ginger
1 large onion
Small handful star aniseed
Small handful bay leave
Few cinnamon sticks
Small handful clove
1 piece of celery
1 carrots
1 orange

1 banana
1 apple
1 block coconut cream

Leave the apple, banana and coconut aside; cut up all the fresh vegetables and deep fry them along with dry spices in hot oil (see scented oil blog) until dark brown.
Take out the ingredients and add flour into the oil. Stir for about 5 minutes in low heat.
Add the rest of the powder (curry, chilli and turmeric) and stir for another 5 minutes. Still maintain low heat.
Chop the banana and apple into small slices and add them along with coconut cream into the the pot.
Keep heat at low and stir every now and again for around 30 minutes until all the ingredients are mixed in.
This is the curry paste completed and can be set aside to cool.

Curry sauce recipe;
300ml water
2g salt
2g msg
2g sugar
add curry paste to your prefer thickness. you can start with little (amount about 1 large tablespoon of curry paste)

Bring water to boil and turn heat down; add the condiments.
Stir in the curry paste to your prefer thickness.
Use a fine sieve to filter out the bits.
See my video below for guidance;
NOTE: Recipe has been modify slightly to add extra kick to the paste. The flour and powder been change since video has been uploaded.