How to Prepare Healthy Summer Recipes

How to Prepare Healthy Summer Recipes

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Cooking over a hot stove doesn’t appeal much when you want to make the best of the great outdoors. Whip up lighter, easy-to-fix healthy meals and keep your energy for more fun things.

Step 1: Make light fare
Make light summer fare in the dog days of summer with linguine from whole grains mixed with eggplant, or pasta with chicken or shrimp.

Step 2: Barbecue everything
Barbecue more than hot dogs and hamburgers. Prepare kebobs or put shrimp and plank-grilled salmon on the barbecue with assorted vegetables or fruit. Shortcut the effort with grilled vegetables on Focaccia for a healthy meal in minutes.

Fruits and vegetables are best for certain seasons — use strawberries in spring, peaches in summer, and sweet potatoes in winter.

Step 3: Fix fresh snacks
Fix fresh fruit and homemade trail mix snacks. Save time with pre-washed bagged lettuce, and cut up some cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, and apples to grab on the run.

Step 4: Make salad the meal
Make salad the meal, with garden veggies and chicken, dried fruit, almonds, and nuts. Make fruit salads to accompany meals all summer.

Insist the family drink water instead of soda to stay properly hydrated.

Step 5: Go exotic
Go exotic. Make gazpacho with lime chicken or throw together tomatoes, various colors of bell peppers, red onions, and baby spinach for a gazpacho salad with red wine vinaigrette.

Step 6: Blend slushies
Blend up seedless watermelon and freeze it to treat the family with slushies later. Try putting together a frozen limeade pie for a nice surprise. Be cool and stay well fed.

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