Kukiz’15 indicated that is an advocate of education reform, but “not to the extent and in such a speed.” As a representative of the club said Thomas Jaskóła, these projects are among the most important, “perhaps the most important in this term of the Sejm.” Kukiz’15 would, among others, shift the entry into force of the reform for three years, so that they can prepare for it parents and local governments and the Ministry of Education has developed a good program basis. Jaskóła rating, however, that “damage at all submitted amendments.” “It does not make any sense, and so they will be voted on (…)” – he said. Modern estimated that eliminating gymnasiums, Justice closes the only place equal opportunities, close students of the smaller centers and rural runway in the world. “We are strongly opposed to this reform,” – emphasized Ms Catherine Lubnauer this club. She added that the reform is widely criticized by local governments, the winners of the competition for the best teacher of the year, Association of Polish Teachers, parents, rectors of universities, and even the experts, which refers to the MEN. According to her “there is no meaningful reform of the rationale, but political.” PSL wants to rejection of projects. “Reform does not have many supporters, how many are trying to convince us” – said Krystian Jarubas (PSL). “You’re going like a steamroller, only behind the wheel of the cylinder no one sitting (…).

For this mess, which today launches us to the Ministry of Education , we all pay, society, and our children will pay the most, which deteriorates the conditions of education “- said the deputy PSL.zobacz also retreat from doctoral studies. Declining number of applicants, and this is just the beginning of changes »Habilitation for the implementation, however, under control» Jacek Protasiewicz (near the parliamentary European Democrats) estimated that the proposed reform means “devastation” Polish education system. “PiS came, he threw an atomic bomb not only in the Constitutional Court, but also in the education system,” – said Protasiewicz. As he said, “Justice is going like a bulldozer,” “parents, children do not matter.” Margaret drilled (the Free and Solidarity) declared that “despite some doubts concerning certain elements of the draft laws, but not the same idea”, represented by her circle of deputies calls for further work on the project. Robert Vinnytsia (Non-attached) assessed that the project is a missed opportunity, because the focus is on the form, not the content of education. “Here there is no good changes, and there are even negative changes, like throwing Dmowskiego at one stage,” – said the MP. During the second reading of draft questions dealt to them more than 40 Members.

Responding to no, the minister of education turned to the opposition: “When the state listened, I said clearly that, indeed, you can not change the date of entry into force of this Act and changes to the system, so that each state occurrence showed that in fact the state is not interested in primary school; for this Ciemnogród you, this place is absolutely underfunded, forgotten by the government. ” Zalewska drew attention to the fact that the opposition did not move the topic secondary schools. As she spoke, from the statements of the opposition also shows that there is no meaning for them education unions and employers, and the “Abitur after school after school final exams industry is worse, disqualifying students attending this school.” Parliamentary Committees: Education, Science and Youth Self-Government and Regional Policy amendments tabled at second reading will give an opinion at the meeting, to be held on Wednesday. According to government bills: Educational Law and regulations implementing the Educational Law, in place of the existing types of schools are to appear: 8-year-old primary school, 4 years of high school, the 5-year technical schools and two-stage industry; secondary schools will be liquidated. Changes to be introduced from the 2017/2018 school year. (PAP) This is a key conclusion from the latest case law and the judgment of the District Court in Wroclaw (met its justification). At its basis lay the dispute between the company receiving waste from residents and regional municipal waste processing installation (RIPOK). The battle was fought by more than 423 thousand. zł, which ultimately – as unduly service – they have hit back to the company. Although the verdict is still invalid, it has a fundamental importance for the entire industry waste.

If such matters – and losers RIPOK Facilities – there would be more, it could mean a revolution in the market. Why such a request? A similar path after the reimbursement of overstated amounts charged by the installations could move other municipalities and municipal companies that support them. What changes await drivers in 2019. >>>> A dissatisfied with rising prices is more and more local governments. Especially today, when you first come to light the negative effects of the reform of waste last year, when in the name of fighting the mafia government has increased junk companies (both private and local government) requirements.

This in turn resulted in rising operating costs RIPOK Facilities and companies exporting rubbish, which also got the pocket ordinary residents. When the difference does 10 zł In this case, the dispute concerned a company which had only RIPOK installation in one of the regions in the province. Lower Silesia, including, among others, Wroclaw. As indicated by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP), who investigated the case in April 2013., After numerous complaints, among others, local authorities, businesses, housing associations, social organizations and consumers proceedings were instituted on alleged monopolistic practices. What would they rely on? OCCP established that the company from 1 January 2013.

Significantly raised prices for processing and storage of mixed municipal waste. The increase was nearly 115 percent. As a result, per tonne of imported dirt, the company wished to 369.49 zł net. The Authority concluded that it was overly excessive rate, which “in the conditions of competition would be unacceptable to their customers, and would offer to take advantage of other companies’ .See also: The richer a society is, the more garbage produces» Confirm it took the analysis of prices by 15 other regional plants operating in similar conditions throughout the country. It turned out that the rates applied by the company are the highest among them. There were an average of more than 40 percent. higher than in other RIPOK-ah.

What’s more, the company has not shown that such amounts were justified by increases in the cost of waste management. During the proceedings occurred at the end of the settlement between the company and the president of the OCCP, which reduced the rate of about 10 zł net. This opened the way to seek by its contractor, the company Alba Poland Sp. o.o. Wroclaw, refund the difference between the old (high) and the new price (after settlement). In total, taking into account the volume of waste transported there for a few months, this amount totaled more than 423.3 thousand. zł. Ministry of Water Mill on the judgment fits into the narrative of the Ministry of Environment, which already is finalizing work on the amendment of the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities (ie Journal of Laws of 2018.

Item. 1454, as amended.) And repeatedly pointed RIPOK-and as monopolists imposing their prices due to lack of real competition. The amendments provided for in the amendment to prevent it. The situation, however, is much more complicated, and that RIPOK-operate on the market, which is heavily rationed and restricted regional waste management plans (VWMP). It’s planning documents, which impose limits on waste treatment (ie, how much the system can convert them).

Moreover, the provisions of VWMP forcing municipalities putting waste to specific installations (first installation target, and how has no capacity to install a replacement). Interestingly, in the grounds of the judgment the court itself drew attention to the specific ratio fixed by the legislature between the entity receiving waste from residents and a second company that with utilization of them. In short, the first can not – according to the VWMP – transfer them elsewhere, and the latter can not refuse to accept them. With this in mind, the court noted that “abuse […] dominant position in the market municipal waste management – in the period from January to the end of June 2013. – invalidity of legal actions brought in”. See also: Do ​​you remember the ozone and acid rain? Maybe in ten years we forget about today’s turmoil around global warming and climate change »The question is, why only in part. Because otherwise, considering that the agreement between the parties is null and void as a whole (and not only in terms of price), the parties would have to ask each other what they have received.

RIPOK-and so have given the company not only money, but also the waste itself, which can not accept the law, because there is no decision on their self-development (it can only do RIPOK). Beginning orders? Our interlocutors do not want yet officially comment on the judgment. Just pay attention, that today the majority of cost factors that are the hotbed of conflicts and tend to allegations of zmowach pricing is independent of RIPOK Facilities and results directly from the policy of the ruling. They emphasize that price increases affect not only private companies that would sharpen their teeth on higher margins, but also utility companies, which also have their own installations and face the same problems.

The alleged price collusion in the market of many local government officials said more than a year. In January 2018. Clove Mayor Robert Perkowski filed on behalf of the Polish Association of Local Government a letter on the matter to the Office. In February this year, a similar request to the office referred the authorities Otwock. According to our information, UOKiK at the moment a dozen other proceedings on the alleged monopoly RIPOK Facilities and examines market.

For local governments already hit more than 30-page questionnaire, which asks the OCCP municipalities with details of agreements with the installations. Similar surveys were also added to RIPOK floor and they serve to determine the elements kosztotwórczych market. law Wroclaw Regional Court, ref. X GC 765/17 act. Jacek Ławrecki: Poland has made enormous progress on the treatment of waste [EKG 2019] / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [ 0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs .parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”)); / ** / AVAILABILITY FOR MARIJUANA RAW Source: DGP most liberal countries in terms of access to medicines based on cannabis is, Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Poland found itself in seven of the 30 countries analyzed by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), in which patients are in a fairly simple way to not obtain. Partly in pharmacy (eg drug Sativex), but also under the special import procedure. The analyzes of the European Agency also shows that in Europe there are seven countries where patients do not have the opportunity to buy such products.

These include Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Lithuania, Rumunia.Autorzy report pointed out that because of the emotions that give rise to these drugs, but also to the lack of scientific evidence of significant one approach to sharing these preparations is varied. In some countries, you have every time you have permission from the Ministry of Health. The others are also receptę.zobacz: Medical marijuana is still available »In the Netherlands, preparations of cannabinoids may prescribe every doctor, including for the treatment of multiple sclerosis or diseases onco logic in the treatment of pain or Tourette syndrome. There is also access to the dried manufactured by holenderską.Z summary shows that the best documented the effectiveness of the preparations of cannabis is multiple sclerosis, pain patycznych neuro and pediatric epilepsy. However, in palliative care, cancer – studies are insufficient, according to the EMCDDA and need better scientific evidence. The same is true for depression or sleep disorders. Also with chemotherapy vomiting and appetite disorders with AIDS.

Here, too, the evidence is słabe.Polscy experts emphasize that, although according to the law of year you can buy cannabis for medical purposes, is so far no patient could not take advantage of this. The main reason is unclear regulations, which meant that the market does not want to enter any manufacturer. It was only in June, one company that produces such a formulation reported it to registration. According to our information, that in the days to pharmacies will go first medical cannabis. The manufacturer, Spectrum Cannabis belongs to the Canadian group Canopy Growth, explains that agree to the introduction of dried hemp received from the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products in the second half of October. – We’re just waiting for the decision of the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate to issue permission to import the first batch of the product. Soon to be available in pharmacies of one of the three largest pharmaceutical distributors in the country – informs Tomasz Witkowski, country manager at Spectrum Cannabis.

He adds, however, that care is rather large for distributors in relation to these formulations. – We must remember that changes in the law allowing sales of medical cannabis took place a year ago. Knowledge about them, both in the medical community, pharmacists and patients is very limited. Therefore, soon we will start large-scale educational activities – says Tomasz Witkowski. Soon you should expect more players in this market. They can appear manufacture of dietary supplements containing medical cannabis.

Theoretically they legalized medical marijuana, while introducing restrictions that block the entry of this type of medication. Sytua tion is so paradoxical – there is no medical marijuana in pharmacies, drugs imported from abroad are very expensive, and the Ministry of Health usually refuses to refundacji.Choć they can sell medical cannabis is not yet in pharmacies President of the Association of Producers and Distributors of Automotive Parts Alfred Franke homework market says that when watching some ads for the hair-raising auction sites on his head. There you can buy, among others, used brake pads, which is absolutely prohibited. He points out that in our country there is the Minister of Infrastructure Regulation, which prohibits assembly used parts that have a significant impact on safety. “It’s a very good regulation, but the list of those parts is far too short.

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