Poached Atlantic cod & French style peas | Recipe

Poached Atlantic cod & French style peas | Recipe

The pure taste of the Faroe Islands – Poached Atlantic cod served with French style peas. Recipe by Faroese chef Gutti Winther.

A piece of fresh Atlantic cod is some of the best tasting seafood you can get.

The flaky flesh of the cod has a slightly sweet, delicate taste and with an exceptionally clean white colour that almost shines on the plate. The taste is mild so cod works well with many other flavours.

Poached cod with French style peas is an easy dish to make. A delicious spring and summer meal that highlights the fresh taste of the cod, complemented with the sweet peas, crunchy carrot and the salty, crusty taste of pork.

The fillet is poached gently in the butter and wine for about 6-8 minutes. Poaching brings out the delicious flavours of the cod and preserves the flaky texture. Perfectly poached fish is tender and almost melts on your tongue.

The Atlantic cod is renowned and has been a highly prized fish throughout the ages.

From being a provision for Vikings sailing across the North Atlantic and a welcomed meal for Catholics fasting in Southern Europe during Lent, to starring on the menus of the very best gourmet restaurants today, the versatile cod is a fish for everyone.

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