Seed Cracker Recipe and Remedy against Cancer and Diabetes!

Seed Cracker Recipe and Remedy against Cancer and Diabetes!

Read the full blog post and step-by-step instructions here: or see below for the ingredients list.

Blog post about healing properties of parsley

This is the first of our videos on remedies and recipes to help prevent and fight cancer. In this video, seed crackers! A great way to get important nutrients and to substitute for high carbohydrate breads. As Dr. Moss shares with us, cancer cells thrive on carbs, and a low-carb diet can also help you lose weight and decrease blood sugar levels. Many good healthy outcomes, by eating one small cracker! And they’re inexpensive too!

You will need:
2 cookie sheets
Parchment paper
A large mixing bowl
A mixing spoon or small rolling pin
A small, clean coffee grinder
Measuring cups and spoons
A pair of kitchen scissors

Basic Ingredients
I use raw, unsalted, organic ingredients from my local food coop, whenever possible. Otherwise, I shop at a local supermarket that carries various natural products.
1 cup each of:
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds (either hulled or unhulled)
Pumpkin seeds
Ground flaxseeds (either brown or golden).
Chia seeds
Almond flour. Finely sifted.

Additions (for flavor as desired)
Salt to taste (I add about 3 teaspoons of sea salt to the mixture.)
Psyllium husks. This excellent source of fiber aids digestion and elimination.
Wheat bran, another good source of fiber.
Nigella sativa, also known as black seed. This is very tasty and said to be very healthful as well. Use sparingly.
Dried herbs, such as parsley, chives, oregano or thyme.
Parsley flakes, dehydrated (An outstanding source of apigenin, which is very healthful.)
Paprika (regular or smoked)
Red pepper flakes or in a hot sauce to taste.

For complete instructions see the blog post:

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