In today’s video I show you what you can drink on the Snake Diet when doing a wet fast. It includes the New Recipe, the Original Recipe, the Kidney Shot / Kidney Drink and I touch on Borax. It doesn’t matter which Snake Juice recipe you use as they are both water with salts. Experiment with both and see how they make you feel to determine which one you prefer.
Snake Diet Quickstart & Recipe Guide (

Recipes in Video

1. New Snake Juice (1:47)
* 2 litres water
* 1 tsp baking soda
* 0.5 tsp pink himalayan sea salt
* 1 tsp potassium chloride

Want to add the optional magnesium to the New Snake Juice Recipe?
* Watch here

2. Original Snake Juice (3:04)
* 1.5 litres water
* 1.5 tsp potassium chloride
* 1.5 tsp pink himalayan sea salt

Recommended Daily Amount
* Potassium Chloride: 4700 mg/day (~2 tsp potassium chloride / day)
* Salt: 2000 mg/L water (~1 tsp salt/L)

3. Kidney Shot / Kidney Drink (6:20)
* 2:1 ratio lemon to apple cider vinegar with the mother
* Dilute in water (less water for kidney shot / more water for kidney drink)
* Optional: add 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper to kidney drink

Recommended Daily Maximum Amount
* 8 tbs lemon
* 4 tbs apple cider vinegar with the mother

4. Borax
* Read this article |

Potassium Chloride Sources
1. Snake Diet Motivation Group Post
2. Cole’s Video On How To Start The Snake Diet With Potassium Chloride Sources

How To Make The Original Snake Juice Recipe & Kidney Drink
* Watch here

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