Super Easy Paleo Mango Chutney Recipe | The Hungry Health Coach Episode 55

Super Easy Paleo Mango Chutney Recipe | The Hungry Health Coach Episode 55

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Paleo Mango Chutney is so dang good. I had planned to eat this Paleo Mango Chutney with the pork roast I was making the next day. I did, and it was amazing. But I also enjoyed this paleo recipes for the next week with crackers, chips, eggs, potatoes and in so many different ways. It felt a lot like a paleo mango salsa and I used it with all my paleo diet recipes.

If you’re not farmilar with chutney, you’re going to be amazed how this seemly healthy junk food recipe is perfect for easy recipes for snacks. The mango squad is in full force for chutney 2018. Enjoy this weight loss and fitness recipe anytime of year.

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