Three "Over Rice" Recipes (下饭菜)

Three "Over Rice" Recipes (下饭菜)

Good-over-rice dishes – Xiafancai – aren’t exactly to true ‘category’ of food per se, but are more up to personal taste. There’s too many possibilities to even list out, but for this video we settled on three recipes:

* Diced pork and mushroom over rice
* Squash with black soybean over rice
* Lao Gan Ma chili sauce over rice

We felt that the essence of an ‘over rice’ dish is something that was (A) more of an easier weeknight thing and (B) something that could also work as a one person meal. So for this video, we gave ourselves a time limit – each dish can be cooked, start to finish, in 50 minutes (though perhaps the pork might flirt with that limit if you’re particularly slow with a knife). That’s the amount of time our overly fancy rice cooker pumps out rice, so we figured it’d be a good fit.

Just blanch or fry some green vegetables to make into a full meal.

Written recipe(s) are over here on Reddit:


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