Tips and tricks for Picky Eaters

Tips and tricks  for Picky Eaters

12 Tips and tricks for picky eaters – Kids & Yourself!!
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1. Start by introducing healthy food you, your family and kids already like.
2. Include your entire family into the meal prep, even your young children.
3. Stop buying unhealthy foods.
4. Schedule snack times for your entire family and stick to it.
5. Always have healthy finger foods available like nuts and vegetables. Foods that are easy to grab for the entire family.
6. Don’t force feed your kids. When they are no longer hungry, they will stop. Just make sure that they don’t go for cake or treats after the meal.
7. Talk to your children about eating all the colours of the rainbow in one day. This is a healthy and fun way to make them eat plenty of nutrients.
8. Don’t cut out all treats. Its all about moderation. If you cut them all out, they will indulge when possible.
9. No more meals in front of the TV or screens. You need to be mindful when you eat.
10. Be a role model. Kids learn from what they see; not what you say. If you do it, they will follow your example.
11. Accept that some food just doesn’t taste good for them. Don’t force them to eat it. Just give them the right tools.
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